Saturday, 20 November 2010

BIM and Google sketchUp

Bim, Google sketchUp a 3D modeling interface and the ability to assign characteristic to objects in the design. It is used in the schematic and conceptual phases of project for designers to understand scale and massing of the conceptual designs.

Google Earth and Google SketchUp design
Google SketchUp Pro Series, SketchUp & CAD
Google SketchUp 

BIM is not just a software. What is BIM? it is a process and a software. BIM tools interface design now has some capability to import and export models from sketchUp in a user friendly way. Google sketchUp and BIM have the ability to undertake early performance analysis on the designers model and then bring the model forward into a more intelligent analysis environment without reproducing the drawing.

The full realisation of the process is continuing and will change the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (AEC).

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